Jan 20, 2010

Jan 16, 2010

Urban beautification and environmental awareness

I dig this polka dotted trash bag installation by adrian kondratowicz.
It was installed in the streets of new york in 2008.

check it out

Jan 13, 2010

New dress from Karen Millen

My new "lady in red" dress. Smashing!

Running a media workshop in Haugesund today

I'm flying back and forth to Haugesund for the day, to run a media workshop for students who are making this online mag:
this online mag

I'll go through

Getting ideas
Acting on ideas - how to pursue them
How to make a loose idea into a good story
How to make appointments
How to organize the editorial team and production flow
Writing styles & types of features
Pursuit of dreams & why failure is no biggie
Etc etc

Jan 12, 2010

Parouckh Party

A couple of times a year all of our friends + friends of friends gather at this old fantastic white swiss villa house at Gran outside Oslo. There's room for everyone, so we stay over night and let time fly with cooking, chatting, dancing, and usually some sort of game. Last time we all brought a wig - the result follows... All pix by photographer Hans-Jørgen Osnes

The hottest band in town: Sulekha, Idil, Emnet and Anders.

Happy Idil

Anders' g-friend. Hot








Magnus again




Emnet & Petter


Jan 10, 2010

dreaming of summer

It's minus 20 degrees these days here in Oslo.
I dream myself away to a place where it would be completely normal to look somewhat likes this

Jan 9, 2010

x-mas with the homeless

As usual I spent december 25th as a volunteer at ALTERNATIV JUL (the alternative x-mas) which, on it's 41st year, is x-mas celebration for homeless people or simply those who don't have a place to go during x-mas.

In "Folkets Hus" in oslo lots of nice x-mas food is served, there are white cloths on the tables, a huge christmas tree, entertainment and lots of gifts.

It's a wonderful initiative, and hundreds of people come every year and are super grateful for the effort. I always have lovely conversations with people who live a completely different life than I do. And it's great to "de-mystify" issues such as drug problems and homelessness.

this year I took my younger brother and cousin (by the way, check her new styling-website http://annestinebae.com/) along.