Nov 8, 2011

Friends at Flaskebekk

I'm looking back at pictures from this summer. And feeling extremely fortunate. 
These pix are from one weekend in late august, when some of my favourite people in the world were hanging out, having dinner, sleeping over, fishing, swimming and cooking food at my family's lovely summer-house "Flaskebekk", at Nesodden in the Oslo-fjord. 

Meet Linn + Hansa and their super cool daughter Frida. And meet Colleen (Magnus, her guy, couldn't make it), Espen and myself. Looking forward to have you soon again.

Frida and I are making brownies in the kitchen. 

Colleen and Frida 
Frida and Espen borrowed my blue nail polish and made themselves look nice...

Then we went down to the sea to collect some mussels. We were watching....
 while the guys were hunting...
 .. we stood there in awe.. :)
 Then the guys had a swim in the Oslo-fjord
 Then we ate plums from the garden
 and were happy!
 and had a chat about something interesting...

Then it was time to cook. We made chips out of sweet potatoes. 

And made thai-inspired mussles. 

Then we stayed out on the balcony until late, but I have no pictures of that. The next morning Frida was the first one up. Espen and I volunteered to get up with her. We had a nice morning watching kids-tv. 

Then we headed down to the "badehus". Hansa is fishing for our breakfast. 

The only picture of me... That's how it is when you love to photograph. I'm chilling with the saturday paper, in mis-matching clothes, shoes with two different colours and Ugly-Betty glasses. Life is splendid. 

Hansa got one!!!

Frida is proud of her dad!!

Then Frida and Espen, who's been bonding big-time over blue nail-polish, went for a trip. 

High Five!
Photos by Christina Skreiberg

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