Dec 2, 2013


The artist and film-maker Julian Schnabel is eccentric: He often dresses in pyjamas, he lives in a huge pink house named "Palazzo Chupi" on Manhattan in NYC, makes huge artworks, has made several prize-winning films, is married for the third time to a danish model (Lykke Mai) who is half his age.

He was part of the same art-scene as Andy Warhol, and when he started making films, his first one was of the late Basquiat. If you haven't seen any of his films, do check them out - I recommend: Basquiat, the beautiful The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and Before Night Falls.

I got to meet Schnabel in Copenhagen a few months ago, as he was having a exhibition at the Willumsen Museum in Denmark. I interviewed him for Aftenposten's monthly culture magazine "K". Him and his wife just had a baby, a few weeks before Ada, so we hit it off straight away.

Ada (then 5 weeks old) came with me to Copenhagen, and was out strolling with family living there, during the interview. The flight, and getting her ready for a stroll, was easy. But to write, while having a baby around all day, was the hard part....
Tried and tested, at least - it was such a tempting assignment, and oh my, I do love to work...
But I'm back in baby-mode now, I want to give this beautiful little creature all my attention. All those interesting and eccentric artist will just have to wait a little while :)

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