May 8, 2013

7AM Breakfast on the Floor

We've been renovating for more than a year now! Pooha!

Lately we've been moving in and out of the flat, as the builders are doing the last things at the loft and our made-to-order staircase is being installed. We've lived for 4 months without a bathroom, but a lot fo the time we've borrowed our wonderful neighbour's bathroom as they spend most of their time in Copenhagen.

The other week we had to move all our stuff from the living room, so the staircase could make it's way. I'll show you the stairs soon - I photographed the whole process! Here I'm enjoying my breakfast early that morning, before heading off to work, and before the stairs arrived. And I'm six months pregnant in this picture.

One thing is for sure; We learn to accept the situation we're in, to be patient, to relax and make the most of it under ever-changing circumstances... And that is a taste of some invaluable wisdom!

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